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Since 1998, Dexelop has been dealing mainly with systems integration and the development of customised software solutions for various types of businesses, from large-scale distributors to logistics providers, and has also deployed numerous e-publishing solutions and solutions for the tourist industry.

In addition, over the last decade, the company has created booking solutions and integrations with GDS, IDS, tourist portals and PMS. From the outset, the Dexelop personnel have had a great passion for travel and tourism, and so they have often had occasion to interact with tourist portals in order to find the best hotels and the best deals available online.

This experience gave rise to the idea behind HotelsFastCompare, which aims to allow users – in just three clicks – to compare the rates offered by the world’s leading tourist portals (Venere, Booking, Expedia, Orbits, Hotels etc.) with a view to finding the lowest online rates. All too often, we book a hotel room only to then discover that other guests are paying a lot less for the same type of room (sometimes as much as 40% less), so wouldn’t you like to have access to a private, always available consultant to help you get the lowest possible online tariff?

HotelsFastCompare compares more than 30 portals, 800,000 hotels, 1.5 million user reviews, 3 million hotel photographs and 2 million hotel descriptions and maps. HotelsFastCompare:

"Save time and money – discover the best online rate"
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