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How does HotelsFastCompare work?
HotelsFastCompare compares the world’s leading tourist portals to find the lowest possible online rates. Normally, the individual portals have agreements in place with the various hotels to offer discounted rates, so with HotelsFastCompare you can compare the different portals and discover which one offers the best rate.

Conducting a search could not be easier.

1) Enter your check-in and check-out dates, the number of guests and the number of rooms.
2) Select the town/city from those shown or enter the town/city in the text field.
3) Click the ‘Search’ button.

At this point, you can view all of the hotels located in the town/city you have selected, in order of popularity. You can reorder the hotels by clicking on any of the following columns:

•User rating

In addition, you can refine the search by specifying the minimum and maximum price, the number of stars and the features of the hotel. You can also change the currency and search for a specific hotel amongst the results returned. Once you have selected a hotel, you can view the following sections:

•Hotel details

The hotel details provide a description of the hotel as shown on the various portals. The photos are those found with the portals that feature the hotel. The ratings are those submitted by other users who have stayed at the hotel. The map indicates the precise location of the hotel, and satellite views are also available. The tariffs shown on each of the portals are compared. To learn more about the types of room and booking conditions, click on Select and you will be redirected to the portal offering the tariff shown. Please note that the tariff shown is per room and not per person!

Can I search for a specific hotel?
On the homepage, you will see a link called ‘Search by hotel name’, which allows you to look for a specific hotel. In addition, you can also click on ‘Explore a country’ and then select the country and town/city to view the hotels in the selected area.

How much does the comparison cost?
It doesn’t cost you anything at all! We receive a fee from each of the portals being compared. The site is free of charge for you to use – that’s right, your online booking consultant will be always at your side for free.

Can I see photos of the hotel?
Another new feature is the possibility to view, on a single page, all the photos contained within the various portals. There are around 1.5 million high-quality photos in all.

Is it secure?
It is exceptionally secure! Bear in mind that the portals we are comparing are among the world leaders, through which millions of secure transactions are carried out every day. This is why hotelsfastcompare.com offers guaranteed security.

How do I go about making a booking?
The search will start once you have selected (on the homepage) the check-in and check-out dates and the town/city you are interested in (out of those shown, or that you have entered into the text field – alternatively you can select ‘browse by country’), as well as the number of adults and the number of rooms. You can then view all of the hotels that match the criteria you have entered. Once you have selected the hotel, you will be able to view all of the offers and choose the best online deal. Once you have done so, you will be redirected to the portal that offers the best deal and from there you can proceed with your booking safely and securely. Remember that the portals we use are the world leaders, which means that they are used to make millions of safe bookings every month.

Which portals does HotelsFastCompare actually compare?
We compare all of the following portals to make sure you get the best possible online rate:


What does HotelsFastCompare not do?
HotelsFastCompare is not a travel agent or a booking service. We compare the deals, and once you have found the best rate for the town/city and dates you have selected, we redirect you to the portal that offers that rate. You will make your booking through the portal in question, not through us.
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