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Terms of Use
Terms & Conditions of use of the Hotelsfastcompare.com search engine

Hotelsfastcompare.com is a themed search engine that allows the user to browse, free of charge, the sites of those hotels and tour operators that match the criteria entered by the user in the search form. As such, the purpose of the service – which is made available at no charge by hotelsfastcompare.com – is merely to provide information that enables searches to be conducted more rapidly and makes it possible to access the requested details immediately. All of the compiled information shown on the site belongs to third parties, and hotelsfastcompare.com does not exercise any quality controls on that information, nor does it verify its accuracy. Therefore, hotelsfastcompare.com may not be held liable for the nature or reliability of the information. All bookings and purchases are always and exclusively made by accessing the sites of the companies pre-selected by the user, and are subject to the terms and conditions set out independently by those sites. Hotelsfastcompare.com is not in any way involved in purchases or bookings that users may make, and any requests or complaints must be made exclusively to the provider of the service purchased or booked.

The user agrees that the act of browsing the hotelsfastcompare.com site and the use of the hotelsfastcompare.com service, both provided by Dexelop S.r.l., constitute total and unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions. Should you, as the user, not accept these terms and conditions, we would request that you leave the hotelsfastcompare.com site forthwith. The services provided by Dexelop S.r.l. through the hotelsfastcompare.com site are offered “as is”, “with all defects” and under no guarantee.

3.Obligations on the user
The user accepts all liability in relation to the accuracy of the data he or she enters when registering with the service. In relation to any abuse, falsification or adulteration of information, or misleading declarations, hotelsfastcompare.com reserves the right to protect itself legally or to terminate the service account at its exclusive discretion and without the right of appeal. The user commits not to modify, alter or reconstruct the code used by the hotelsfastcompare.com site. In terms of any activities geared towards illegal or unauthorised use of the site, software, code, brands or any of the copyright-protected material, Dexelop S.r.l./hotelsfastcompare.com reserves the right to protect itself by legal means against civil or criminal prosecution. In order to use the hotelsfastcompare.com service, the user must be able to connect independently and at his or her own expense to the internet. The service is reserved exclusively for users aged 18 or over. 4.Responsibility for use of the service The information contained in this site is provided free of charge for the exclusive benefit of those visiting the site. Dexelop S.r.l. (and Hotelsfastcompare.com) does not guarantee the accuracy or integrity of the information contained in this site and, as such, may not be held liable for any problems or damages that may occur due to errors, omissions, force majeure or other reasons. The user acknowledges that the act of browsing the hotelsfastcompare.com site and the use of the content made available through the site are exclusively at his or her own risk. Neither Dexelop S.r.l., nor any other parties that have collaborated on the design, production or online publishing of the site, shall be held liable for any damages resulting from the act of browsing the site, the use made of any content downloaded from the site, transmission problems, errors, omissions, inaccuracies of all types, interruptions, delays, viruses or other problems. Dexelop S.r.l. may not be held liable for the content of the sites connected to the hotelsfastcompare.com site via links or any other type of connection, or for failure to update those sites or correct errors or inaccuracies or for any other type of damage that the user may incur as a result of browsing the linked sites. The user acknowledges and accepts that Dexelop S.r.l./hotelsfastcompare.com may not be held liable in any way by the customer for the unavailability of the service or for other damages (consequential loss or damage or loss of profits) that may occur as a result of the act of using the hotelsfastcompare.com service. Moreover, Dexelop S.r.l./ hotelsfastcompare.com does not guarantee continuity of service, the absence of errors, the accuracy or quality of the data contained in third-party sites, nor does it accept any liability, in relation to the user and/or any third parties, for any damages, interruptions, delays, conflicts or privacy violations that may result from the act of using the hotelsfastcompare.com service and/or the data produced by it. Dexelop S.r.l./hotelsfastcompare.com offers no guarantee that the site, software, data or e-mails sent to the user shall be free from errors, viruses, damaging components, sniffers or other damaging elements. The user uses the internet and the hotelsfastcompare.com at his or her own risk, and the user must ensure that he or she takes all of the necessary precautions against the aforementioned risks.

5.Exoneration of responsibility / Indemnity
The hotelsfastcompare.com site displays the content of other sites free of charge to users, but does so exclusively with a view to providing information, without enabling any type of service to be purchased or booking made through the hotelsfastcompare.com site. Hotelsfastcompare.com cannot exercise any control over the sites featured, and any information shown on or through the site is provided “as is”, “with all defects” and under no guarantee. The user expressly accepts that use of the hotelsfastcompare.com website is entirely at his or her own risk and under his or her own responsibility. All of the websites identified by hotelsfastcompare.com belong to independent companies over which hotelsfastcompare.com exercises no rights or controls whatsoever, and as such, Dexelop S.r.l./hotelsfastcompare.com may not be held liable for any instances of negligence, omissions, errors or false representations involving the aforementioned companies. Dexelop.S.r.l./hotelsfastcompare.com may not be held liable in any way for delays, cancellations, overbookings, strikes or disasters that may occur as a result of the online purchase of a given service. Dexelop S.r.l./hotelsfastcompare.com accepts no responsibility for the inaccuracy or incompleteness of any of the content shown, including search results, room rates, the details of the accommodation establishments and the stated accommodation conditions. Dexelop S.r.l./hotelsfastcompare.com does not guarantee that visiting the cities and hotels shown is without risk and, as such, Dexelop S.r.l./hotelsfastcompare.com may not be held liable for any type of loss or damage, whether physical or financial in nature, that may result from visiting any of the locations shown on the hotelsfastcompare.com site. The user expressly and unreservedly agrees to release hotelsfastcompare.com from all liability and to indemnify hotelsfastcompare.com, Dexelop S.r.l. and its suppliers against any demand for compensation or claim for consequential loss or damage, legal action or compensation claim, sentence, dispute, fine, legal expenses or costs and expenses of all types resulting or in any way linked to use of the hotelsfastcompare.com site or service, and against any claims that may result from a failure to fulfil the terms of this agreement or from the violation of any law or third-party rights through use of the hotelsfastcompare.com website.

6.Intellectual property
The entire content of the hotelsfastcompare.com site, including the logo, software and static content, is protected by intellectual and industrial property rights and is the property of Dexelop S.r.l. It is prohibited to copy, modify, frame, deep-link, transmit, print or deconstruct the content of the site without the prior written consent of Dexelop S.r.l. All rights reserved. Authorisation to carry out any of the operations mentioned above is deemed to have been granted only once prior written consent from the directors of Dexelop S.r.l. has been given. The logos featured on the homepage and in the ‘Partners’ section are the exclusive property of their respective trademark owners and, as such, Dexelop S.r.l. may not exercise any rights over them.

7.Links to third-party websites
The hotelsfastcompare.com site showcases the websites of partners and third parties and, as such, contains hypertext links to third party sites on which hotelsfastcompare.com does not exercise any controls or checks. Therefore, hotelsfastcompare.com may not be held in any way responsible for their content or for the accuracy of the information contained therein. Should the owners of any of the linked sites prefer that their sites were not linked to hotelsfastcompare.com, they should inform hotelsfastcompare.com, and the site(s) in question will be immediately removed.

8.Correspondence address
Any correspondence relating to this text must be made in writing and sent by registered post to the registered offices of Dexelop S.r.l. and/or to the address provided by the user at the time of registration. These addresses are deemed accurate for the purposes of this private agreement.

9.Final provisions and court of adjudication
The conditions set out in this Contract substitute any express condition that may be set out by the law. No modification, condition or clause that is not contained in this Contract shall be binding for the parties, unless expressly approved in writing. Should one or more of the clauses be deemed invalid and/or ineffective, this will not result in the remainder of this Contract being deemed invalid or ineffective and shall not constitute grounds for its termination. Any changes to these General Contract Conditions must be made exclusively in writing following prior agreement between the Parties. By accessing this site, the user is subject to all of the regulations in force in the Republic of Italy relating to the use of websites and the internet, and grants express consent for any controversy that may arise to be exclusively resolved by the Court of Catania, Italy. It is not guaranteed that the content, graphics and/or images on the site comply with the customs and regulations in force in other countries. Users who access, although aware that it is prohibited to do so, the aforementioned content from countries in which said content is illicit, illegal or immoral do so upon their own initiative and are, therefore, responsible for any failure to uphold the local regulations. This site is managed exclusively for Italy and the countries in the EU.

10. Privacy Policy Statement and the granting of access to personal details
The customer expressly declares that he or she has read the privacy policy statement, which is provided in order to comply with Article 13 of Italian Legislative Decree No. 196 of June 30, 2003 and is published at the following URL: http://www.hotelsfastcompare.com/it/privacy.html. By signing this Contract, the user grants his or her informed consent for his or her details to be processed for the purposes indicated in the aforementioned privacy policy statement.
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